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Welcome to Tanzania the land of Mount Kilimanjaro, RiverStone African Safaris will make you experience undiscovered beuty of afrika

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    Tanzania Wildlife Safari


    WildLife Safari

    Tanzania is world-famous for its spectacular scenery and density of wildlife, with the country’s northern section being the most visited. The ideal time for Tanzania Wildlife Safari is during the season from late June to October. Tanzania Safari Tours is all about experiencing the combination of natural wonder, abundant wildlife, and colourful traditions. One of the dream destinations amongst many travellers the country holds some of the famous spots of the African continent.

    The animals you see and what behaviours they exhibit will depend on when and where you visit. But Tanzania is teeming with a rich variety of wildlife, so whenever and wherever you go, Tanzania Wildlife Safari will be the experience of a lifetime.

    The favoured northern circuit parks of Tanzania Wildlife Safaris And Tours are Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire National Parks, often visited year-round. Tarangire is the only exception since its wildlife viewing is considerably better within the season also.

    Best Time

    For all Wildlife Safaris In Tanzania is from June to October; June-July for the wildebeest migration and January-February for the calving, both in the Serengeti National Park.

    High Season: July to March - parks in the northern circuit get crowded.

    Low Season: April and May is the low season though the northern circuit parks still have quite a few visitors.

    Best Weather: June to October when there is hardly any rainfall.

    Worst Weather: March and April is the peak of the wet (rainy) season.

    Experience the Best Safari In Tanzania on this locally curated Tanzania Wildlife Safari. Our guides have strong connections to the community and will join us as we mingle with the Maasai, hike through shaded forests to waterfalls, search for endangered black rhinos, and observe the biggest concentration of elephants in the world.

    Witness the Great Migration, the dramatic landscapes and abundance of life in the Serengeti, one of the world's most famous parks. Throughout the Tanzania Safari, we stay at beautiful, comfortable lodging that makes you feel right at home. To get a closer look at all that we have planned in our ten days together.

    Try our 5 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari to know what it means to be immersed in the wilderness. These makes Tanzania Wildlife Safari the best and top destinations in the world either you go alone, with a family or the group. You can go on a luxury package safari, mid-range or on a budget camping safari.

    With any budget limit you may go on your dream Tanzania Safari. Let Riverstone Safaris plan your Tanzania Safari experience here!

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    You can still come any time of the year to enjoy the unique culture & adventure in Tanzania and many other activities. You will not regret your trip. Read our Tanzania Travel Guide and learn more about cost, travel advice, packing lists, faq’s and all other interesting thing you have to know!

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