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    Honeymoon Safari

    Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

    Begin planning your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari, it is unquestionably one of the very best destinations for an African Honeymoon. Whatever you’re seeking on your African honeymoon - be it safari, sea or solitude - Tanzania will deliver. We understand that your Tanzania honeymoon needs to be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and absolutely perfect. With our in-depth knowledge of the country and many decades of travel planning experience, we can ensure that your Tanzania Safari Tours will have romance and intimate experience.

    Tanzania is our favourite honeymoon destination. Romantic, exhilarating, luxurious – just tell us what you would like, and we’ll design a honeymoon that is absolutely perfect for you. This country offers a fantastic combination of adventure and romance. The game viewing is exceptionally good, and Tanzania Honeymoon Safari offers a number of small, intimate, and authentic camps and lodges, many of which provide the option to book a private vehicle for game drives.

    Additionally, you can combine your Tanzania Safari Tours with beach time on Zanzibar! Most of our clients who choose Tanzania for their honeymoon want to start with a safari before spending a few days relaxing on an idyllic beach. However on Tanzania Honeymoon Safari And Zanzibar, you can easily spend time on the beach first, followed by a safari – the choice is yours!


    When it comes to safari destinations, Tanzania divides into two areas – the famous ‘Northern Circuit’ and the off-the-beaten-track south.

    Within the North, our top picks for honeymooners are...

    The Ngorongoro Crater - The views from the Crater rim are sure to have you gasping with awe. Well worth a visit for the scenic vistas alone, the Crater is also home to some incredible big game, including big tusker elephants, large prides of lion and herds of buffalo that often stand up to the big cats.

    The Serengeti National Park - From witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration to catching sight of the big cats that follow the herds, you and your partner will be mesmerised by this national park every time you set off on a traditional game drive!

    Both pack a mighty punch when it comes to sheer volume of wildlife, including all the Big Five.

    But there’s plenty to see in the South too, specifically in...


    Ruaha National Park - Located in the heart of Tanzania, and being the country's largest national park, Ruaha is a fantastic area to visit. It is predator-rich and far off the beaten track - an office favourite for value alone!

    Selous Game Reserve - The Selous is a watery world filled with palm trees, boat cruises, and of course some wonderful wildlife. This reserve is perfect for a quiet and romantic safari!


    1. Unrivalled concentrations of wildlife including the famous wildebeest migration.
    2. The palm fringed, white sand beaches and aquamarine waters of Zanzibar.
    3. Luxury tented camps and elegant lodges offering something extra special for honeymooners.
    4. Serengeti balloon safaris - a once-in-a-lifetime bird's eye view of the magnificent plains and wildlife.
    5. Tanzania is many honeymoons in one with a huge diversity parks and areas offering an entirely different scenery and wildlife as well as an incredible coastline.
    6. Game-drives, walking safaris, river cruises, scuba diving, watersports and much more.
    7. Safari and beach combinations within Tanzania or with Mozambique, Seychelles or Mauritius.
    8. Unique honeymoon memories created from cultural interactions with the Masai and Swahili cultures.
    9. Honeymoon upgrades and surprises around every corner.


    1. Game drives
    2. Guided walks
    3. Romantic bush dinners
    4. Private dining
    5. Bush breakfasts
    6. Sunrise hot air balloon rides

    Parts of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater are amazing for game drives featuring all Big Five – lion, rhino, leopard, elephant, and buffalo! There are numerous smaller predators and herbivores too, and hundreds of birds. If walking safaris appeal, we suggest spending an afternoon on a guided walk to get a great sense of the bush and wildlife around you.

    To add in a bit of romance, we highly recommend a bush dinner or speaking to our experts to arrange private dining.

    Time Of The Year

    In the main, the dry season months between June and October are ideal for a Tanzania Honeymoon Safari as you have the benefit of great weather, and also the congregation of the game around the watering holes. For many on a Tanzania honeymoon, they won't have time to be able to sit around waiting for game so this period is ideal.

    Outside of this period, it can be a little trickier...but it can also be a lot less busy and also less expensive as the lodges and hotels have less business. Take a look at our Tanzania "when to travel" guide to see when you are looking to go on your honeymoon and where we recommend.

    How Long On Safari

    For most, a Tanzania Honeymoon Safari of around 6 nights is the maximum that they will consider, while others prefer just a few nights in the bush and the rest on a beach somewhere.

    The reason that this is significant is that, with the simple logistics of the northern parks not allowing for anything less than 4 nights, many looking to go on a Tanzania honeymoon need to look to the southern safari parks of the Selous and Ruaha....unlike the north, which is far busier and more crowded, the southern parks are fly-in, have much smaller properties and offer an altogether more intimate experience. In our view, the southern parks are perfect for a quiet and memorable Tanzania honeymoon.

    The Budget

    There is no doubt that, in preparing a Tanzania honeymoon, this is the factor that underlies everything. There are certain threshold costs that exist in a honeymoon itinerary. As with the northern parks, there is a certain cost involved in flying around, or staying longer on Tanzania Safari.

    However, for those with higher budgets, Tanzania really offers a few of the world's most unbelievable sights and sounds. On top of the famous draws, there are some truly hidden gems that, in a lifetime of exploring, many never get a chance to witness.

    Where To Stay

    Where to stay on your honeymoon can really affect how you come away from the entire experience. More importantly, it is also worth bearing in mind which order you stay in. If you start with the best and move down, then you will be disappointed...if you finish there it will make the entire trip!

    One of the reasons that Tanzania is an exceptional destination for safari is, without doubt, that it is also one of the only African countries to be able to offer world class beaches within an hour's flight of some of the world's best safari. Below we have also recommended a few of the top Zanzibar honeymoon spots to take a look at.


    We have highlighted a few lodges that are well worth taking a look at, all offering the best service and little extras throughout to make things extra special during your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari! Certainly, it is best to have a chat with one of our consultants through your likes and dislikes and we can then tailor Tanzania Honeymoon Safari Packages directly what will suite you best.


    Want To Know More?

    You can still come any time of the year to enjoy the unique culture & adventure in Tanzania and many other activities. You will not regret your trip. Read our Tanzania Travel Guide and learn more about cost, travel advice, packing lists, faq’s and all other interesting thing you have to know!

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