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Welcome to Tanzania the land of Mount Kilimanjaro, RiverStone African Safaris will make you experience undiscovered beuty of afrika

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    RiverStone African Safaris Ltd
    ACU Building, 2nd Floor Room NO 207, Sokoine Road, P.O BOX 1932, Arusha, Tanzania

    Reuben Ngusaru (CEO/Chairman)


    Astute CEO and Board Chairman of RiverStone Afrikan Safari Tanzania LTD with a touch of tourism experience but raised in a family that own and operate a tour company back in 70’s (Kinavi Tours & Safari). Reuben’s passion together with his substantial experience and innovative business acumen he started the company (co-founder) to live the vision he grew up seeing in the family. He fortifies the smooth running of the business and remain responsible for developing strategies which result to company achievement as well as customers satisfaction to the level beyond their expectations.

    With number of demonstrated expertise in the field of Tourism, we offer specialist and competitive travel products to small-Medium group sizes, family and children depending on the kinds of activities included in the trip, to the extent that meet the demands of the tourism market.
    Also, he review and action every piece of feedback good and bad with open mind to make sure we are continually improving the customer experience. If you’re looking for adventure, RiverStone Afrikan Safaris is the right tour company for you, with all good things you will find and experience the untold stories of Afrika

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    Samuel Mmbaga
    Chief Operations Officer

    Samuel Mmbaga (Chief Operating Officer)

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