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    Mountain Trekking


    Mountain Trekking

    Mountain climbing is a sport that built incredible strength and endurance and makes the mind more active as at every step you have to judge where to put your hands and feet on rocks, and snow. Mountaineering is all about challenge and perseverance. Mountaineering is a great passion for many as it allows the climber to pause and look out over a world ruled by nature and her raw beauty.

    Being Home to some stunning volcanic heights Tanzania is a dream place of every mountain climber. Not only have the high altitudes that drive the climbers crazy about Tanzania but also the mesmerizing views caught the attention of many.

    Iconic climbing options in Tanzania: Kilimanjaro Unquestionably the iconic attraction of the country; the largest mountain of Africa and the highest free-standing mountain of the world drag more than 35,000 trekkers each year.

    Mount Meru: The second highest Peak of the country is mostly climbed before Kilimanjaro as a prior practice.



    Mountain Trekking

    Kilimanjaro Mountain

    Mountain Trekking

    Kilimanjaro Mountain Trekking

    Mountain Trekking

    The Peaks of Kilimanjaro

    Mountain Trekking

    Mountain Trekking

    Mountain Trekking

    Mount Meru - Arusha

    Mountain Trekking

    Trekking on Meru Mountains

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